Be Nice Already! 21 Days of Kindness

If it takes 21 days to break or make a habit, why not strive to be positive and be social about it! Julette Millien caught my attention on Facebook when I saw the invitation to attend “21 Days of Kindness.” When I viewed the event I thought it was another seminar looking for $250 per seat, or a free tele-seminar (when really it is the cost of a long distance call that lasts for an hour…so that’s not really “free”, is it?). Nope! It was simply a move to get people involved in their own lives by opting for the next 21 days to participate in some small act of kindness. There is no flight to take or advanced tickets to purchase, just simply be where you are and make an effort to do something kind or recognize small kindness.

If you are on Facebook, say you are attending and lets get positive. If you are not on Facebook (Seriously? You are not on Facebook?), or you don’t want to “attend” yet another event, feel free to use this post to leave your comments on your daily acts of kindness. I will get them to Julette to show that positive thinking and kindness can be just as viral as a YouTube video gone wrong.

There! My first two acts of kindness a day ahead of schedule! I am not on a payroll or receiving any kind of compensation for sharing this information. I simply found it interesting and beneficial to anyone for all the right reasons. Why not share it!

Facebook | 21 Days of Kindness

photo credit to Julette on the Facebook event page.
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One thought on “Be Nice Already! 21 Days of Kindness

  1. OmeGosh Nakeva! How KIND of you! This is so exciting — to spread something so free, so right and so smart! Kindness actually impacts our immune system! Check out this research

    People doing, receiving AND observing acts of kindness receive positive bursts of joy. That is too awesome!

    The goal is 1000 people – to start – SO thanks so much for your big contribution to the kindness effort!

    To kindness,

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