A Little Post of History

I woke up today happy to know the country in which I live has proven its own motto, “Anything can happen in America.” I was ecstatic that Barack Obama is taking over the Whitehouse as the 44th President. I was even more excited that I work for a place that provides the news minute by minute and keeps more than just our demographic area aware of politics and prose. I even stayed behind last night to get first-hand view of the news room floor as the night unfolded thanks to a great suggestion by my manager. It was awesome! What I did not do is wake up and think, “Hey, let me grab every copy of today’s Washington Post newspaper and sell a few copies on eBay.” What I had in mind was to arrive at work and grab a copy, one single copy, of a piece of history and be thankful for my job, my life, family and friends, and grateful for the change fluttering about the lives of every single American.

The Washington Post - Obama Makes History

The Washington Post - Obama Makes History (Photos:Nakeva Corothers)

Unfortunately, I arrived a little too late to grab that one copy. My day went in an unexpected turn: I wanted a copy of the first run Washington Post newspaper with a photo of Obama and his family after his election win. I was able to gain a commemorative issue along with a few photos and video of  my own to share with family and friends. I am neither angry nor bitter; the day will always be what it is and I will remember it as the day I had a fire lit under my bushy tail to go for something I really wanted, even if just a copy of a newspaper. In the very spirit of the Obama campaign, I will not give up on that copy! If you were lucky/smart enough to get a first run edition, please take care of it as a piece of history for your family and others after you later in life. Of course, this is about more than just a copy of a newspaper.


One thought on “A Little Post of History

  1. Excellent blog post Nakeva. Describes exactly how the day went yesterday. The pictures & video are great to have to remember the day by. I’m not giving up on finding my one single copy of the paper that day either.

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