Blog Platform Testing

I am testing blog platforms to see which features and extras fit my needs. It was mainly inspired by the many great folks I have found between Facebook and Twitter that are in the business of Social Media, Social Marketing, PR, Web Design, and Blogging for business. I posted a quick blog asking what people like and it has not been successful in gettign any response, yet, I move forward. I have the entrepreneur bug and full of ideas. Apparently I am over the fear of writing and want to improve how I share my ideas, thoughts, and points of view on various subjects. So, in the middle of “down sizing” my virtual real estate I wanted to review various blogging platforms to help me settle on what’s best for my style. to make it all the more interesting, now I have a few friends asking for my advice. That’s a compliment and I can’t let them down.

I found several other blogs, articles, stories that have already done the work, however, not everything I’m looking for. As always, no need to reinvent the wheel when you can just grab on to a spoke and spin it in your direction. Posting from this Posterous blog is one part of my testing to see if I can post in one place and push to other places I leave my virtual footprint.

More details to follow…


What are your thoughts?

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