Violence Before Turkey

I can not understand why groups form to plot terrorist attacks in the first place, so why they have to do these violent acts right before a major holiday is even more disheartening. The number of news sources trying to cover the minute-by-minute segments of unfortunate harm and death has grown to include TV, Blogs and social media/networks such as Twitter a mix of global and social media. I have to say that because of Twitter I was able to get the information on Mumbai practically as it happened an oceans distance away from my location. Once I arrived home I was able to follow-up and watch CNN, BBC and local news channels (WUSA9 or FOX5 etc.) to “see” what was occurring in Mumbai.

Interesting sources for news or help for the loved one’s not certain of the status of family in India included:

(See his flickr shots:

(Check out Vinu’s Blog:

Check out what Fox 5 DC has posted. Get regular Twitter updates from @fox5newsedge

Check CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s info on asking for help for Mumbai.

I send my positve thoughts to the city and people of Mumbai and the reporters bringing us the news.


One thought on “Violence Before Turkey

  1. And then you have the bleeding hearts like @Timeyles (see my Twitter) that are more worried about giving these damn killers fair trials! Piff!

    I had TWO people give me an attitude tonight for wanting the military to go in and take those killers out. But I guess 2/944 isn’t bad. Still… It made me sick to the stomach.

    Good blog post, chica! I know most of us just wanted to help. Watching it unfold IRT on Twitter and feeling responsible for getting to word out to as many people as possible was surreal. Especially w/Thanksgiving tomorrow.

    Miss Mia

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