DubMeNow Brings The Virtual Business Card


A new way to do business cards is using the mobile application DubMeNow. You can hand out your business card in the traditional way or you can think green and go paperless. The idea behind DubMeNow is to collect and immediately use your information on the go and always in sync. If you are at a meeting, social gathering, conference or any event you can use your mobile phone to make contact with a new person by entering the information in your mobile phone. This keeps the moment social and provides immediate follow-up because an email is sent to the individual requesting them to join you on DubMeNow, which also provides a way to contact you in the near future.

The latest release of DubMeNow, version 1.06, also adds some new features that are attractive to the social media savvy where you can send out a message to microblogging service Twitter when you have received your contact’s information. This may be a genius way to promote that you both use the application and have others interested in sharing with you for business. The mobile application is now available on all mobile phones including the iPhone and Blackberry. The iPhone version has been added to the iPhone application store and is ready for immediate download! Another great business use is for CRM applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM and Seibel. A few upcoming integrations include Linkedin which DubMeNow has partnered with, as well as, Google, Microsoft, and RIM.

So what are you waiting for, go DubMeNow!


What are your thoughts?

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