The Loss of A 17-month-old Child Maddie

Losing a child at such a young age can leave a person with no words to express the grief. On April 7, 2009, 17-month-old Madeline Alice Spohr unexpectedly lost her life and nothing but love has come to the parents, Mike and Heather Spohr. Please take a minute and visit the website and read the story. Help the family during this time of their loss with a donation if possible or send them a card, address listed on the website.I know families across the world lose someone dear to them everyday, however, this case caught my attention. In particular, the fact that the friends, family, community and online aquaintances have come togther to make sure money does not become an issue on top of the loss of their daughter. Thanks to Chantelligence for sharing the story.

My best wishes and prayers to the Spohr Family, friends and all touched by the life of Maddie.

[Update: 14 APR 2009]

Madeline Alice Spohr

Madeline Alice Spohr


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