A Girls Night Out At Market Salamander

I had my first official wine tasting event thanks to Katy Adams of Fox
5 News DC and Ellen Gray, a restauranteur of Equinox in DC! We
traveled to Middleburg Virginia in style thanks to Stacy Carey of
Chariots For Hire. We had a cute mid-sized limo bus equipped with
laser lighting, a flat screen TV, leather seating, and scrumptious
wine and snacks!

 A group of ten ladies boarded the limo bus and had a blast on the way
to Market Salamander. I sampled several wines and tried different
finger foods to bring out the flavor. Later in the night, Chantel won
platinum box seats to a polo match; that fun coming in a future post.
I can’t wait to visit Market Salamnder again and make a day of
visiting the other winery businesses in the area. I should probably
book a nearby bed and breakfast!

 Market Salamander

 Chariots For Hire

 Equinox Restaurant

See the full gallery on posterous


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