The Web Engine Evolved Enter LeapFish

We all know the web has trasnformed in the last 10 years. The search engine battles with Google, MSN and Yahoo alone have been a constant indicator of what people want when it comes to information. Jumping into the ring of search engine and social media savvy content is LeapFish. At first glance its your basic search engine for news, blogs, video and even shopping. Look a little closer and you find some slick features.

If you hover over a news title you will see a small button to share the story and a cool popup of social media site icons appear. I tried it with Twitter and it uses Twitter oAuth to connect then opens a window that shows the tweet with the ability to modify. I went back to check the tweet and clicked the link it created. It opened to the article URL but the web bar showed a modified URL that began with LeapFish URL followed by the article URL. At the bottom of that page a toolbar opened with a choices to “like” the article and to perform a search. I plugged in a search term based on the article I was viewing and hit the Real Time button. Low and behold the page presented to me was LeapFish search results and the bottom toolbar has disappeared. Now I had more information at my disposal to review the latest sources on my search topic!

LeapFish seems to integrate well with the search, review and share habits of today’s news and social media enthusiasts. The site is simple and even allows Facebook or Google Connect to allow easy integration. Lets see if a leap to LeapFish changes in the next evolution of the information searching kind.


What are your thoughts?

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