Day of service for MLK Day 2010 with @GreaterDCcares #volunteer

MLKday 2010 Event

Nothing on your agenda for Martin Luther King Day, 2010? Volunteer your time on interesting projects with Greater DC Cares! Sign up for $25 and get a team together to for a little community service. Target, a major retailer, is on board and its a great opportunity to give back to the DC area. Last year I worked with Greater DC Cares on Servathon where we cleaned up a local park, planted trees and had a great “after party” at The Washington Post!

If interested in working as a team, let me know and we can do it together!

About Greater DC Cares

Greater DC Cares comprehensively mobilizes volunteers and strengthens nonprofits to better impact communities and the key issues in the Greater DC Region!


2 thoughts on “Day of service for MLK Day 2010 with @GreaterDCcares #volunteer

  1. Is this an all day event or can you sign up to do something in the evening, don’t think I am off that day but would love to help…

  2. Thanks for asking! You will get assignments based on availability of projects. I can contact Mr. Fetweiss or Lauren and see if we could get specific evening assignments.

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