Aweber gets hacked, I get spam but saved by @Otherinbox & @Loic

“How We’ve Addressed The Recent Data Compromise” – AWeber Communications

Over the weekend I noticed a few spam messages in my spam box. I was particularly alerted since these emails had a prefix in the subject line because I use the service, When I opened the message to review the sender and which email address it was sent to, I was surprised to see it was for the address I use with Seesmic. i received about two spam messages for Seesmic ( ) and a few others from another address. I noticed what they both had in common was Aweber.

Monday I receive an email from Loic Le Meur addressing his email list with the news about the Aweber hack ( ). Whew! *wipes brow* I thought I would have to take other measures to dig deeper into why this occurred. If I had not been using OtherInbox I could be in a bad position needing to change my email address. In this case, I can simply remove that address, create a different “inbox” and still keep my personal account private (does that really exist anymore anyway?).

In this situation the important factor to me was getting that email from Loic. Its exceptional care for his product, brand and social awareness of the end user. They way he provided the information and offered reassurance that he and the Seesmic team were aware and taking action is a lesson for any entrepreneur, developer, marketer, Fortune *insert number here* company out there: Man the gates, stomp the hates and engage.


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