The Snow Blizzard of 2009: Night Shots

Snow Bench

The DC/MD/VA area saw at least 20 inches of snow the week BEFORE Christmas! The fun started the night before when people were out at the stores buying up all the food and other items they considered essential in anticipation of being snowed in for a few days. Most of my friends took the time to run wild across social networks like Twitter and Facebook sharing anything from photos to status updates. There was even an organized snowball fight in DC that ended up making headlines due to an off duty cop that allegedly pulled a gun. I don’t remember a good blizzard in the DMV area for about ten years! I played with the kids, played on the internets, watched movies, shoveled out my car and worked on photo projects. Good winter times. Too bad we didn’t get a white Christmas, maybe next year.

Provided are a few photos taken during the blizzard. It was interesting to get the shots at night and during the actual downfall. I had to be creative to protect my camera and lens while getting a few interesting shots. Enjoy, comments welcome. If you have a link to your photos from the snow day leave it in the comments.





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