Google Buzz & Domestic Violence on @BeckysFund

There is a huge responsibility of both the company and the user when participating in social networks. In the case of Google Buzz, it came out of the box by auto subscribing you to a network of people based on the 20 most contacted people in your email list. It also opened up your Google Reader items so your shared content became visible to people who may not have known about it otherwise. This privacy/security backwards approach raised flags for so many people. They had no choice but to opt in even if they figured out that teeny tiny link to turn off Google Buzz was at the bottom of their email inbox view. This is backwards because you should have the option to allow the application rather than have it decided for you before you could even access your email. Gorilla networking tactics by a major player in several technology markets? At least for me I embrace new technology and figure out why/how it best works for me and others. However, I have not had to start my life over and run away from some violent and abusive individual…at least not since I have been an adult. Becky’s Fund is an organization that raises awareness for domestic violence and recognizes it happens for both men and women. This post on points out the facts for those who value their privacy based on previous abusive situations and how the oversight of Google Buzz affected them.

What are your thoughts?

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