Don’t Be Evil: Google In Everything [Video]

The video basically sums up my thoughts perfectly with images and words. Google is so embedded in what we do and how we interact. Its amazing how they can say things like “If you are doing something you don’t want people to know about, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.” I’m sure those people walking out of sex shops are perfectly aware of their right to peruse that content but they did not ask to be filmed doing it (the people in the flix they picked up WERE aware they were being filmed/documented and would be seen anywhere). I’m also sure when you go to give a DNA sample you are making a conscious choice with implicit notion your “privacy” is imperative. Add your health records to Google and it may not be so private.

People, I seriously believe that while Google offers us many tools to operate our daily lives they are also headed to being one of the single most powerful corporations in our very near future. No conspiracy theory, just plain and simple a giant has come out of incubation and aimed to control the nation. That being said, I somehow find it odd that I can’t get away from the Google tools. Oh well, most of what I do is nothing to hide. Hope they never get into the bathroom business.

Video Link:


What are your thoughts?

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