Sports Score Big For Social Change With Street Soccer USA

Social change in the form of soccer to help the homeless. Who thought of THAT for perpetuating change? Lawrence Cann did and he is paving the road for the return to citizenship for homeless men, women and youth. Street Soccer USA (SSUSA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit providing the “address challenged” sports training and a host of education and employment programs through partnerships. They operate in 20 different cities with teams made up from the homeless individuals that look to make a change in their current disposition. Not only do these teams compete against each other, they travel across the world from local games to Milan.

The Annual Street Soccer USA Cup will be held in DC at the Washington Kastle’s Stadium Jul 30 – Aug 1, 2010! The winners will go on to Rio de Janerio for the title. The DC Knights, the Street Soccer USA DC team, will be one of 20 teams working on that trip to rio! A phenomenal way to assist people out of marginalzation and back to productive men and women of society. To get involved, contact one of DC’s social and philanthropic divas, Pamela Sorensen ( See the Huffington Post highlight of CNN coverage on Street Soccer USA.

Get Social with Street Soccer USA:

Twitter: @StreetSoccerUSA

Facebook: SSUSA Group

Website: SSUSA

Photos from a SSUSA media happy hour in DC at Teatro Goldoni, a SSUSA sponsor:


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