Brizzly Adds Group Chats For Social Media

Brizzly, an online social media client for Twitter and Facebook, has now opened a new feature for group chat: Picnics. The new chat feature allows you to share certain content with a group of people or as one-on-one conversations and it includes posting videos, photos and content. As of right now, other online tools such as HootSuite, Seesmic or CoTweet do not currently offer chat features within their application.

Most people on Twitter may use chat sites like TweetChat, TinyChat or Twubs to get into a conversation, however, these are separate sites and take you away from Twitter or your current client application. It looks like Brizzly Picnics keep you in one place to track your conversations and limit the people that see that specific content. You know I have to play with it! Go check it out and let me know what you think. 

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Is Brizzly Picnics an easier solution for putting your tweet goodies in special pic-a-nica baskets?


What are your thoughts?

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