Pepsi Refresh VOTE for Becky’s Fund


Have you heard of Pepsi Refresh? Its a way Pepsi is getting the community involved to fund new ideas that pose a positive impact on the world! They are currently int he last two days of voting for this round. On August 1st you can start voting for the next round and cast your vote for nonprofit, Becky’s Fund. Becky Lee founded the organization to do something about domestic violence issues, educate the community and provide a safe way to transition out of abusive situations.

You can vote every day in August to support Becky’s Fund and help the nonprofit gain $50,000! She plans to use these funds to create the first domestic violence iPhone application. Innovative, efficient and targeting people that could benefit from a mobile app and even save a life in extreme instances.

I have worked with Becky for the last year and half now and give my support for several reasons. I hope you do the same. Thanks and happy voting!

Vote starts here August 1, 2010

On Twitter: @BeckysFund

On Facebook:

Recent Becky’s Fund event video


What are your thoughts?

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