Water: The Fluid of Life #BAD10

Flowing Water

Flowing Water

Its Blog Action Day 2010 and the focus is WATER! In the days leading up to the blog post I did some research and decided to use photography as the medium to bring awareness to WATER. As lady luck would have its way, my area of the world experienced swings in weather that went from 80 degree heat during October to cold days followed by a day or two of rain. Naturally when it rained, I snapped a few shots of my environment taking into consideration a few facts of life.

  • Water makes up over 80% of the human body
  • Water covers more than 60% of the planet Earth
  • Water is an element to sustain life and products we use or eat
  • Water is my symbol of flow, fluid, smooth, life, clarity and power

Images for my WATER Day:


What are your thoughts?

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