Foursquare Badge With RunKeeper for NYCMarathon

NYC Marathon Foursquare badge

Image: Foursquare - NYCMarathon Badge

A new Foursquare badge to earn during Sunday’s Nov 7th New York City Marathon. If you are on the Android or iPhone get hooked into RunKeeper, a fitness tracking application, and use it with Foursquare. The folks at RunKeeper have a dedicated web page to see what runners and supporters are doing during the race. Social media, fitness and charity running hand in hand!

Foursquare added badges for the World Cup, The Rally For Sanity and the recent elections. Adding badges for charity is great work on their part. I do hope they plan to add badges for global good organization events like Twestival or Breast Cancer/Komen Races in the future even when it has nothing to do with the city that matches the Foursquare HQ address. I heard a rumor that it costs over $10,000 to have a badge created regardless if it is a nonprofit. If you have gone through the process of requesting a badge and it was approved or you have more on the FACTS, squash that rumor for me below in the comments.


What are your thoughts?

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