Social Media Red Carpet Moments

A busy weekend of events and I couldn’t even make them all! This photo taken of me at the CSAAC Foundation “High Rollers For Autism Gala” by Rokas Beresniovas. It is particularly interesting because it has social media ties. Rokas handed me not one, but, THREE business cards and later sent me the photo the same evening. Wow!

Attending nonprofit fundraisers and galas is nothing new to me or my camera. This event was significant in my weekend because Ayda Sanver, @tweetautism, met me on Twitter. We connected, communicated and took the time to have conversations about her cause. When we met at the event she said something I love: “This is cool and meeting you is fun! How awesome is that to meet someone through social media!” I was able to further connect to the interest in Autism and the families living through it.

Getting back to Rokas. We kept a conversation going through email as I worked on the event photos. He wondered how long we had been Facebook friends before we actually met in person. I used the “see friendship” feature on Facebook, found that we had been friends for almost a YEAR, Dec 2009. I sent him the link and we both hit jaw to the floor. A year! The amazing thing for me is knowing we already had a connection and of the three businesses he manages, we both can benefit from each other as entrepreneurs and “friends.”

Who said social media is not worth the hype or that events and networking aren’t worth the time? An innovative thinker used social media to market a nonprofit fundraiser which gained over $120,000. A simple mobile photo brought two people into reality due to a Facebook relationship. No math needed.

Who’s in YOUR network? Have you connected lately?

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