The Making of A Family Holiday Portrait

CW Family Portrait

Ahh, the holiday season! A time to think of those you love and what gift would best suit their personality. Events galore and spiked eggnog while chatting with friends. Nonprofits ramp up their best message to implore you to spend some of that money to help people in need. Coporate happy hours to bring everyone closer and show there is a “caring” spirit in the business world.

What made my holiday season this year? Doing our family holiday portrait! I surprised the family with a complete studio setup, Lightroom tethering and Canon auto-shoot features! We all dressed up, jumped in front of the camera and shared some super fun times. The kids are hilarious little people! After the shoot we reviewed the photos and started making the list of who to send our pics to for some holiday smiles. I can say that I am truly thankful and blessed for the family and friendship with my kids and partner. I am even more blessed and thankful to have a list of friends and family to send and share our crazy photos!

Happy Holidays to you, your family and friends no matter how you celebrate!


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