Facebook Sharing More Vital Data With Developers

Every time you turn around Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg is in the news. The IPO waiting game; Goldman Sachs not wanting to sell Facebook shares to the U.S.; The movie winning a Golden Globe based on Facebook and Zuckerberg; New Facebook messages; Download your own Facebook data. Numerous infographics focused on the growing 500 million users across several countries and Zynga being the number one online social game on Facebook.

Recall that debacle between Facebook and Beacon? Or maybe the upset users when the new profile was set to default as everything open to everyone rather than opt-in privacy and security? Mmmkay. Now we are at the point of developers REQUIRING access to your home address and phone number data. They already REQUIRE using your Facebook email address. A requirement…to access and application. If you try to change that email address access you can only get a Facebook generated anonymous address, but it still makes it to your inbox.

I can tell you that I use a psuedo email address as my main address on Facebook specifically to track how my data is being used. With just the email alone and using Zynga and a few other applications, I know my data has been used and sold. The increase in spam has shown that its generated from that email address that was only used on Facebook and with certain applications. So there is no denying who the culprit is on this issue.

Now what could an application possibly do with my home address and phone number? More spam. Folks, get your info and privacy settings in order. If I know I’m not perfect and just as prone to being targeted by advertisers and developers, I KNOW you are too!

I suggest checking out Otherinbox.com while you are at it!

*Photo: AP/HuffingtonPost


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