Facebook Face Recognition Privacy

Facebook Photo Privacy

After reading a post about a man going to jail for being tagged in a photo he didn’t upload, didn’t tag himslef in nor was he even IN the photo, I went to review my own privacy settings. The little treasure I found looks like Facebook is eventually going to release the ability to use facial recognition with tagging. With the number of photos being stored on Facebook this would be an easy aspect to move into for the photo happy users. However, the question is how will it be deployed and will users need to add yet another level of privacy check marks to protecting their identity? Every time Facebook makes progress on one feature it seems there are 3 others that go AWOL, or rather AWOP (Absence without privacy).

Do you have your photo privacy settings on lock down, or do you trust your relationships with others is trustworthy enough that they will know when or when not to tag you on Facebook?


4 thoughts on “Facebook Face Recognition Privacy

  1. I wish FB gave you the option of approving a tag request before you get tagged. Some people just go nuts with tagging people in photos — even when they’re barely in it.

    Right now a very small number of people can see all the pics I’m tagged in, as a few bad seeds have ruined it for the rest with their haphazard tagging. I also have various albums with various privacy settings.

    • @heylovedc The Facebook settings for tagging on my Facebook profile are also set to private. I set it to open for a while until I was tagged in event flyers. It may be an event I would attend or promote but its not what I want showing up in my photos. A friend posted and tagged a photo of me being funny while out one night. It wasn’t bad but if you were not there, you would not understand the context.

      There should be better control of photos and tagging since it becomes your personal data when you are tagged. Now add this facial recognition as it is used in Picasa or Windows Live Photo Gallery and friends will be even more haphazard about tagging. It has given me food for thought when I tag people in photos LOL!

  2. I don’t use my profile too much for “networking” purposes so my privacy settings aren’t too ridged. My family and friends have the same principles as I do about what kind of photos are inappropriate to be posting for the world to see.

    I actually used the face recognition tool a few weeks ago after spending the weekend with my family. To be frank, It sucked, like most new FB features. It actually didn’t work very well at all.

    I think all we can do is hope that once the tool is up and fully operational FB puts in place the necessary privacy tools for people who don’t want to be automatically recognized and tagged in photos.

    • @Monyelle I agree new Facebook features don’t always come out fresh and fun. For instance the new messages feature: I waited and waited and when it arrived the most interesting part was going through setup! After that, it was not that valuable.

      The way Facebook rolls out features with the opt-out mindset, people will not think to check their settings. It could be a time saver for posting a lot of photos and equally a headache if it becomes super easy to to auto-tag numerous photos using the facial recognition. I try to keep tagging to one or two photos of the same person in a set. Not everyone thinks to conserve the number of tags and associated alerts for updates.

      Let’s see what becomes of photos, tagging and relationships on Facebook!

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