DC Tech Group Blazing For DC Startups

DC TECH Meetup Jen Consalvo

DC TECH Meetup Jen Consalvo | Credit: Shashi Bellamkonda

Startups are everywhere as the thinkers of today realize they have something unique to add to the fabric of entrepreneurship. When you think of tech startups the mind may race to Silicon Valley or maybe Boston. Guess what folks, Washington, DC is where its at! A passionate and intelligent group of technology and social media innovators has been incubating ideas for years and ready to make some moves. The DC Tech Meetup event brought out some of the bright minds to discuss how to bring area tech startups to the forefront and start building those business ideas. The group stated on Facebook and created the first event but these ladies and gents have been around for some time including Peter Corbett, Jen Consalvo, Dan Morrison, Michael Mayernick and Frank Gruber to name a few.

Check out this video clip from Shine On Storytelling/Justin Gutwein.


Stay social with the DC Tech group on DC Tech Meetup


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