New Tool For Social Media To FullyFollowMe

Connection is the point of social networking and social media sites. The new tool FullyFollowMe can save you some clicks when you want to connect to someone on the three major social platforms: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If someone finds you interesting they can visit your profile and within less than two minutes follow you on Twitter and make friend requests on Facebook and LinkedIn. It does not automatically add them to your Facebook or LinkedIn account giving you the chance to still review and decide if its a connection you endorse. Now all they need is YouTube and a Music site to make it great for the creative people in our lives. Read the article on KillerStartups for another perspective. Happy connecting! (This is not an Apriol Fool’s joke. Click the image to see my profile and connect.


Thanks Chris Voss for sharing this new social media app!


4 thoughts on “New Tool For Social Media To FullyFollowMe

  1. Used this tool for the first time with #socialempire and its great. I think they should connect to a bunch of other services as you said such as flickr, foursquare, gmail, etc. Thanks for sharing!

    • Tal, Thanks for stopping by and checking out the tool! I do want to see a few other services added to this and think they are taking time to test usage and server load before moving forward (my speculation). See you on #SocialEmpire and #EAv

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