New Update to Twitter for Mac Imitates TweetDeck #Technology #SocialMedia

Mac users and Twitter lovers now have a new update to to their tool of choice. It shouldn’t matter if it looks like TweetDeck as long as its usable and gets the job done on a Mac. Several new features and should make the sharing and reading process easier to manage. Will Twitter now want to snap up Twitter for Mac to keep even further control on popular apps that interact with their service?

What Twitter needs to focus on is providing some better capabilities on the website itself rather than focus on all the third-party apps created due to Twitter’s lack of site feature updates.

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tweetdeck for mac title image

Twitter for Mac 2.1 was just released via the Mac App Store, and is another piece of evidence that Twitter has had their eye on Tweetdeck for some time.

The new update brings a fresh look, a useful toolbar, and most importantly, the ability to take any of these toolbar tabs and turn them into columns–just like in Tweetdeck.

A few other welcome features include: conversation-view for Direct Messages, username and hashtag auto-complete, and some performance improvements.




What are your thoughts?

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