Kickoff To The N-Sight On Empire Avenue

EmpireAvenue Nakeva Profile

Social media is known to boost social networking connections for business, personal interests, media and just about any area of life. From Facebook to Twitter, people are using social media platforms daily to communicate, engage, or manage services and products. Consider taking a social site and adding the elements of gaming. Enter stage left, Empire Avenue! Labeled a social media stock market exchange, some view the platform as a game and use references like “Farmville by Zynga” while others view it as a social network and think in terms of Klout or PeerIndex for its social media stats. Do we really have time for one more social media space even if it provides charts and statistics to measure our use of social media? Is there any real value in having a number associated to your brand or persona that people can “buy” with virtual currency indicating their confidence in your work or follow loyalty? Empire Avenue is just gaining traction and interest among a diverse group of social media startegists, marketers, public relations professionals, top brand names, social gamers, students, bloggers, public speakers and the simply curious observer.


The platform is moving forward whether or not you have time to claim your profile or if you disagree with being “owned” by your friends. The concept of the platform is to assist people with their use of social media, point out areas for improvement, help you engage with the contacts you already have; make no mistake, it is also a game using virtual currency and the appearance of social influence allowing people to buy your stock either to “win” and be on top charts or to add another level of brand/persona loyalty. You can’t judge a book by its cover so the best way to see how the site works for YOU is to claim your profile and observe.


There are plenty of blogs and blog posts out there to help you get a better understanding of what Empire Avenue is about, tips on how to “play” the game or what all the game mechanics mean to users. N-Sight on Empire Avenue (“N-Sight,” my branded approach) is my space to share the business side of using the platform, tips for social media and how it all works to make the most of your brand and persona on ANY social media platform. It fits the flow of the information I already share on social media. Originally I planned to make this a separate blog but decided having yet another space to maintain takes me away from focusing on current projects and how I create or curate news of interest.

You are invited to Empire Avenue to observe first hand what its all about and visit this blog so we grow together. Find me there as (e)NAKEVA and lets get social!




What are your thoughts?

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