Meet The CEO of Empire Avenue #EAvDC


Empire Avenue DC Event

Look out! The Empire Avenue social media exchange startup CEO, Duleepa Wijayawardhana, is coming to Washington, DC! Dups, as his friends call him, is a man on the road building the brand of Empire Avenue. What is Empire Avenue? Think of Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter rolled into one: a social network with a stock market gaming effect. You can “buy” virtual stock in your social media friends, read aggreagated news feeds, promote your brand with onsite text ads, build a social community around your business, “compete” with major brands like (e)FORD, (e)MASHABLE, (e)ATT, (e)PRNEWSWIRE or (e)XBOX; you can manage your social media activities with daily updates to your statistics across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. The best part is not spending one dime of real money (although there are game options to to spend real cash). Did you miss the LinkedIn IPO? You can still buy virtual shares of LinkedIn on Empire Avenue.

Dups will be in town to answer all your questions about Empire Avenue, the company and the game. As many startup companies out there on the market, why not get a one-on-one discussion directly with the CEO? If you are using Empire Ave this will be a treat and benefit to your reasons for being active on the site. If you are not on EAv yet, this is the perfect time to come out and meet Dups, as well as, find out who in DC is using the site. Make it a real life network connection! That is the main purpose behind Empire Avenue. (e)NAKEVA and (e)DUPS will see you there!


Event Registration below:

Register for Empire Avenue CEO DC Shareholder Talk #EAvDC in Washington, DC  on Eventbrite




6 thoughts on “Meet The CEO of Empire Avenue #EAvDC

  1. I’d like your thoughts on BMW and other large corporations and why they’re not using Empire Avenue to their full advantage.

    I bet you’re not coming to the UK any time soon!

    Or you could make me Empire Avenue’s UK representative and fly me out for a meet up before I start work? No? OK, an interview will suffice!

    Nice work, keep it going! You guys have changed the face of Social Media!

    All the best Peter A.K.A MARKETINGM8  

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