Diversify Your Social Media Branding Portfolio

Social Media Landscape 2011 by FredCavazza

The rich universe of the social media landscape broken down by Fred Cavazza in a way that gives a quick glance out how the social web is connected. Brands can take time to find market and manage their products and services with relative platforms. For instance, to get the message out to the clients and fans brands can use a blogging platform  like WordPress but also add to the amplification by syndicating to Twitter; this can be further expanded by using clever images and placing them on Flickr, adding the image to the blog post and also adding an excerpt to the image on Flickr with a link back to the blog post. With these three platforms you have created a wider audience to share with and can also share the marketing or story from three different places across multiple days. Don’t become reliant on only a blog platform or only Facebook. Be creative and selective with your brand content.


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3 thoughts on “Diversify Your Social Media Branding Portfolio

  1. I just read through Fred Cavazza’s article, thanks for sharing the link! I think you raise a really valid point – it’s easy to overlook other social channels and just focus on the one where you want your user’s immediate attention. The trick is keeping track of all your activity to check for comments back etc.. as I think many brands use these platforms just for social media ‘housekeeping’ and not the community aspect.

    • I agree, the trick to all the social media platforms is managing the engagement. If you create a blog post then share it to Facebook and Twitter, you have to be ready to watch for comments/likes/RT etc. in the moment or within a reasonable amount of time. When people communicate with big brands or small businesses they are looking for acknowledgement that their comment was at least read.

      There are tools out there to help manage incoming communication but you have to be smart about when and where you, the brand/business, shares the message. Thank you Lauren for your time to comment!

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