Social Media Return is What you Invest

Brian Solis is one of those thought leaders that sticks to his guns and digs into a topic. All the talk of social media ROI and influence he outlines some things to think about that we already know but may not practice. If you put your time into social media with content, conversation, and community thought among peers or professionals, you reap what you sow. What are you doing with your social media efforts to effectively reach your goals? You do have a strategy, right?

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In Social Media, Your Return Represents Your Investment via @BrianSolis | (e)BRIANSOLIS | Social Media C4 |
No matter how hard we try, we just can’t build a customer-centric organization if we do not know what it is people value. Social media are your keys to unlocking the 5I’s of engagement to develop more informed and meaningful programs:

1. Intelligence – Learn about needs, wants, values, challenges
2. Insight – Find the “aha’s” to identify gaps
3. Ideation – Inspire new ideas for engagement, communication, new products/services, change
4. Interaction – Engage…don’t just publish, bring your mission to life
5. Influence – Influence behavior and in the process, become an influencer
– @BrianSolis | (e)BRIANSOLIS




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