The #BlueKey Comfort Zone

UN Photo Kabul, Afghanistan

Welcome to your comfort zone. The space where you can see only what you want to see, be who you choose to be and live in a world you create. You have the benefit of fresh water, a bed to sleep in, internet access to email your friends and family, food from the grocery store or restaurant, coffee shops galore, gas stations to fill up the ride or money to travel via public transportation. For many of you, you have your family to call or send photos on that shiny iPhone; you may even still have a job or business that you own. Despite public opinions on government and politics, isn’t it nice to be in your comfort zone?

Over six billion people in the world and 43 million are refugees: victims of war, natural disasters, human rights changes or government power moves. These are people, human beings, that want and need to rebuild their life and make it through the situations life has handed them with a victory. Who do you think of for a picture of a refugee? Being from the U.S. the most recent case would be the tornado victims in Alabama or Joplin. However, refugees are all over the world and usually the hardest to help are from countries where the government doesn’t have the resources that the United States has, nor the community power. This is where you step out of that comfort zone. Can’t afford a ticket to Joplin or Libya or Egypt? Simple thing to do in offering your help is donate $5 and get a #BlueKey.

BlueKey Champ for refugee supportThe comfort zone of a having a better than fair life and community to live in is something we all appreciate. Your Blue Key will help the UNHCR reach their goal of getting funds that help refugees put their life back together. You don’t have to be Angelina Jolie, Ben Aflleck or Giorgio Armani to make an impact. You can skip that $5 Starbucks latte, $5 cocktail, $5 McDonald’s run and share that with the 43 million refugees looking for simple things like a place to lay their head or take care of their children. That’s comfort!

You can also help the Blue Key campaign through social media! Monday, Jun 13th is a tweet-a-thon where several Blue Key supporters will be tweeting news, information blog posts and interesting data surrounding refugees and UNHCR. Your participation tweeting about #BlueKey, sharing blog posts on Facebook or LinkedIn will add to the community support and awareness.


World Refugee Day Jun 20th! Grab your Blue Key HERE

Get social with UNHCR: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Website

Angelina Jolie Video from Libya:

*Lead Photo: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe, Flickr Creative Commons



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