My thoughts on: Has the tech industry forgotten users? – Scobleizer | N-Posterous


There are numerous mobile apps in across different mobile device brands, with the focus on iOS. Developers go after the the popular market and sometimes their apps are devloped exclusively for the iPhone leaving out Droid or Blackberry. For example, the difference between Instagram and Foursquare: Instagram (social photo sharing) is iPhone specific with 5 million users while Foursquare (location based checkin) is available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry and 10 million users; Foursquare has also added teh ability to share photos with that social location checkin.

from Robert Scoble’s blog:

You know when I read David Heinemeier Hansson write that all he needs is 10 apps I believe we’ve all lost our minds. Then I look at Techmeme and see all the insider baseball and nothing about real users and I realize we have indeed lost our minds.

See, people keep talking about a bubble. What they usually mean is “oh, my gosh Color got $41 million and LinkedIn stock is nuts.” Wrong bubble to worry about, though.

The real bubble is we’ve stopped understanding users.

Reading the full post, I agree the focus does not appear to be on the users, but not because of how many mobile apps you use, rather because of the developer and tech companies that focus on one main device market. My feedback as posted on The Scoblizer’s article:

The amount of apps for a mobile device is not my immediate concern. Developers that focus only on iOS, then droid leaving out RIM and even Windows phones, that’s my issue. Is Apple and iOS really all there is to think about when you have a a useful application to share with the masses? Yes, maybe the statistics equate to greater usage or larger piece of the pie for iPhones, iPads or Mac, however, RIM still has a large part of the mobile market, albeit with a focus on business and corporate users. If I were a startup or a developer for mobile applications I would release an app on iOS, droid and RIM at the minimum.
Personally I have no choice as a Blackberry user to limit the amount of apps I use on my phone which equates to 4 – 6 heavily used apps. Knowing that built-in memory is a POS, it would still be nice to have access to things like Square or Instagram. As soon as time allows I will be switching to a droid or iPhone simply because I want access to apps for personal and business use. Then the question becomes which carrier provides the best devices that fit my tech geek needs, what is the cost of the data plan considering I NEED bandwidth, and can that carrier handle coverage without dropping my connection? That should also be considered when thinking of the user base for mobile apps.
– Nakeva

Is it possible making mobile apps available across iOS, Android AND Blackberry would increase the number of apps used on the go? Is it that difficult to manage code between those three platforms and API? I’m not a developer and understand there are challenges or even interfaces that make it easier to code for the iPhone or iPad. Apple is not the only mobile device in the world, neither is Android. Consider my position on this subject, even when I get an iPhone or Android phone because I want access to useful mobile apps I would continue to expect developers to provide mobile apps for as many mobile devices as possible.


What are your thoughts?

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