Social Music Service Is Jammin


If you enjoy music discovery and sharing, you may like sites like Grooveshark,, or Hypem (The Hype Machine). What if you like to DJ and mix songs? Meet! This is a social network built around finding an playing the tunes with other DJs and earn points if people like the song choice. It requires a Facebook account to login and add your profile. You can search for music to start playing or there is an option to upload (which I have not tried). Once you choose a room, you can spin your tracks with up to 4 other Djs taking turns.

A few things to note: When viewing a room some of the names people choose may not be friendly. When in the room and you step up to DJ, you need to have music that matches the genre in that room. Searching, listening and adding music can be a bit tedious if you are trying to cue your song to play next in line. The only real thing social about the site is being in the room with other DJs or sharing the room on Facebook and Twitter. You can’t see any profile info if you find a DJ you like.

Its worth a look if you are into music and not afraid to spin up the tunes. According to The Next Web its a service “amassing a reported 140,000 users in its first month…” Why not get in on the ground floor and see how this startup evolves?

What are your favorite music sites today?


What are your thoughts?

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