And You Thought Zynga Was All Fun And Games


Reading a post by Inside Social Games I have to say that Zynga is a social gaming success story. They built the company startign with Facebook games like Farmville, Mafia Wars then progressed to new hits like CityVille and the latest, Empires & Allies. I play these games. I never played online games prior to Facebook at the rate I do today. The difference is the social fun when your real life friends also play and you see their messages. At the same time, it is my opinion that there isn’t that much “social” in Zynga games. In particular, you can’t chat with friends within the game. The main thing I can’t stand about Zynga Games is the constant need to beg friends for items to complete a task and sometimes it requires sharing messages to your own wall or on their wall. This is not always ideal or acceptable. Who the heck wants to have a conversation with me about building a strong social media strategy, go home and want to add a “thanks for meeting with me” message on my Facebook wal only to see 10 posts of: “I just fed your pigs slop on your farm. Send me some” OR “You look like a strong arm and I need your help to kill off the Don in NYC”? I certainly don’t appreciate seeing that from friends that may have all day to play games.

WIth that in mind, it doesn’t matter what my opinion is because Zynga is proving to be a gaming power breaker in the social media world! Eric Eldon points out that total revenue is rolling upwards toward $250 million per quarter with 60 million users on the games. That’s a lot of pump for an online game. Zynga continues to enhance their gaming features on Facebook and keep their user base excited about playing. The ultimate goal is to get people to spend real dollars, which Zynga has been forced to use as the Facebook credits system, on items for in-game perks. There is no real value to this as they are constantly increasing the number of tasks in a game and heavily pushing you to provide free marketing for their brand by posting on people’s walls. The latest features include some tasks that can only be completed by posting to your wall. Forced advertising, nice.

As Zynga continues to grow and become part of the bigger picture in the financial world, the real world, will you think its all fun and games at the closing bell of the real stoc market? Would you add Zynga to your stock portfolio right next to Facebook? See what Business Insider has to say about Tech IPOs.


What are your thoughts?

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