Thoughts on The Google+ Circle System


Managing friends in Google+ almost looks like a nightmare, but if you do it right from the start you can save yourself headache later. I become concerned with adding people to a circle and then they may be automatically added to my Google Contacts list (if they are its just a name and a link to their porfile, no email address — hopefully) which may be a privacy concern. Other than that, its the ongoing maintenance I see of adding and removing people from Circles or having them in more than one circle. What about the noise level as well? Add them to one circle around a topic but then you will also see the chatter about off topic things. 

ReadWriteWeb brings up a few points of interest to think about such as:

No big deal, you say – it’s just one person. But are you prepared to do that with all your relationships, from this point forward? Is that a sustainable system? How much of your time with Google Plus will be spent organizing and quantifying your degrees of closeness with your contacts? And if you choose not to, deciding to just friend only your “real” friends, or “return friend” everyone, then how exactly would Google Plus’s system be any different from Facebook or Twitter (respectively) for you, in terms of relationship management?

So, while Google+ is still fresh on the scene, take some time to think about the circles you keep.


What are your thoughts?

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