XBOX FTW: Empire Avenue Adds Branded Luxury Items #EAv

XBox is a well known Microsoft game console. Microsoft. Games. They joined Empire Avenue, a social media stock exchange, and have gained a new set of fans that invest virtual currency in their brand. Virtual. Social Currency. Brand. Empire Avenue has added the new Electronics set of  in-game luxury items that include a branded item for XBox. Players can purchase this with virtual eaves, gain achievements and add a little padding to their stock’s daily net wealth. Gamification.

What does this all mean? Gaming is a billion dollar industry in the real world. A tech startup out of Canada, Empire Avenue, has mixed social media with a stock market gaming system and added household name brands to its platform. The potential for brands on a site with a socially active audience could single out a niche community marketing opportunity that adds real value for the user, the brand and Empire Avenue. Think about this: How easy is it for a small business compared to a large business to add gamification to their brand? What is the value? (e)XBOX will soon find out, however, at the moment they are not running any offline value such as discounts on games or console purchases or even a simple sticker in the mail. This is the type of thing I expect to come down the road and may even tie into the next addition to Empire Avenue: Foursquare.


[box] “Early in 2011 we saw Empire Avenue as a great place for brands to interact with consumers in a very different manner. The Eaves are a great way to have a balanced transaction with our fans…not only can they buy shares in us, but we can buy shares in them! As soon as we put Xbox and Zune into the game, we knew immediately that this was a great and unique way to give something back. Xbox quickly became the #1 brand on Empire Avenue, and Zune wasn’t too far behind! Our clients love it, their fans love it…it’s been a big win for everybody involved.” – Matt Singley, Chief Engagement Officer at Singley + Mackie[/box]


[box] “We’re thrilled to have Xbox on board to debut Branded Luxury Items and Achievements. It’s a great example of a brand that has really embraced social media, and it’s no surprise that Xbox quickly rose up the ranks on Empire Avenue. We’re excited about the potential of this platform to allow users and brands to connect in meaningful, mutually beneficial ways, and we can’t wait to see how companies will leverage our Luxury Items and Achievements to reach new audiences and reward their existing, loyal fans.” – Duleepa Wijayawardhana [(e)DUPS], Chief Executive Officer at Empire Avenue[/box]


[learn_more caption=”Add Your Brand To Empire Avenue”] Contact Empire Avenue at and check out the information on the site[/learn_more]

Find me on Empire Ave as (e)NAKEVA
Claim your own account and earn an immediate extra 2000 eaves from me.



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