ManageFlitter App Lets You Tweet Your GooglePlus Posts

If you need to manage your Twitter followers and mass unfollow or find out who you aren’t following, ManageFlitter is a must use online application. You can use filtering criteria to find out who hasn’t tweeted in a certain period of time and just sitting there taking up your follow space. There are options to sort by who is most talkative and also determine not to unfollow anyone with a verified account. Excellent application for digging into your followers and keeping your account free of “dead weight”, spam or people you don’t talk to on Twitter.

Interesting to see ManageFlitter jump into the ring with Google+ and offer a way to tweet your Google+ posts. This means the app provides a way to connect to your Twitter account and your Google account to send outgoing messages. While ManageFlitter is one app to make this integration functional, its not the first by far. One Google Chrome extension that works well and posts your Google+ posts to both Twitter AND Facebook is StartGooglePlus.

Is ManageFlitter the right app to manage your Google+ and Tweets?


What are your thoughts?

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