FU Facebook and Google+ – #Unthink The Revolution


A real social revolution? Be different. The mystery behind new site, Unthink, is waiting behind a request for your email address. No launch date, but a few years in the making and said to be on target with today’s market rather than outdated from development day zero. Get a set of developers and thinkers together who are talented and bright minds fed up with social media giants like Facebook and now Google with G+: you have recipe for a network platform challenge set to bring users and brands together.

Unthink takes a look at how users have been left out of the real loop when they are the reason a network is popular and successful. Free is great but comes at the price of little control on privacy, tools that enhance the social experience the way a user would benefit and even leaves out the real access by brands to engage with users. Facebook made changes to its TOS, changed privacy controls and the layout to access the information, introduced features that left a user wide open by default (security, privacy settings etc.) and only had “oops” to say when it was discovered app developers have access to large amounts of user profile data. Checked your spam box lately?

Will Unthink really be a major change worth calling a social revolution? The Unthink Manifesto: “We’ve been waiting for things to change. We are not waiting any more.” Hopefully the mystery will be worth it considering there seems to be a long list of “new” applications and sites requesting your email address for an invite. Only way to find out is share your info with Unthink as you did with Facebook and Google in Beta and see what’s at the end of the road…someday in the future.

Video released by Unthink that gives the “FU” intro to the revolution:


Get Social with Unthink in the meantime:

Twitter | http://twitter.com/iUnthink

YouTube | http://www.youtube.com/user/unthink

Emancipate yourself below. Sign Up.




23 thoughts on “FU Facebook and Google+ – #Unthink The Revolution

  1. Unthink – I asked fo r an invite so we will see – love the video – lets hope its as good as the hype – looking forward to connecting.

  2. Wowz! Nakeva! This was not what I expected when I clicked on the link 🙂 Blown me away – great video. Creative. Nice choice of characters. Will find where to sign up! TY!

  3. @MeetuSinghalmeetusinghal The video really had me pay attention, more for the way they were calling out the problems in using free platforms. It will be interesting to see it all unfold.

  4. @LarissaKatayevalarissakatayeva I wasn’t expecting that in the video based on the press release. I caught my attention. I love testing out new apps and platforms. I’m hoping to get in the door soon with a few friends to run this thing through the daily flow.

  5. @24x7Media24x7media Looks like the video is a definite winner with everyone to get the message across. Unthink used a great option for social media and branding before the doors even open!

  6. @MeetuSinghal@LarissaKatayeva Thanks for giving her the link Meetu. I put that in the image at the end. Making note to self to make this a text link next time.

  7. @Nakeva@LarissaKatayeva The image link is also great ! just that it is hyper linked to the email confirmation URL and not the true URL.

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