Add Your Google +1 To Any Website – Official Button

Google released its official +1 button as an extension added to Google Chrome browser. Now you can +1 one any webapage you visit even if they don;t have the button installed on their site. This makes it easier with the new social search feature that shows in search results showing what items your friends found relevant. I’m certain this will help with page rank as Google wants to drop kick the spammers from cluttering search results with bogus or regurgitated content.

But hold up: Be sure to read the fine print on the extension page.

In addition to the practices described in the Google +1 Button Privacy Policy, by installing this extension, all of the pages and URLs you visit  will be sent to Google in order to retrieve +1 information. Examples of this information include whether you’ve previously +1’d the page and how many people have already +1’d the page. Google’s use of this information is described further in the following help center article (

Google’s browser with Google settings and a Google extension to work with a Google product. They know enough about you already, but are you ok with sharing EVERY web page with Google? Think about it before installing the extension. Also make sure you check your settings for your own +1 page if you want it shared with the world or just yourself. Hopefully down the line when there is a functional API for Google+, users can have a sharing purpose for the +1 section.

For the visually stimulated, review the Youtube video below.




6 thoughts on “Add Your Google +1 To Any Website – Official Button

  1. Thank you for making this info clear and easy…there is so much information out there to curate…appreciate your post and will be back for more!

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