Poll: Blogging Platforms

New Media incorporates blogs, news sites, print and video. Which is your favorite blogging platform?

Image: Remix of original by Frank Gruber, Flickr Creative Commons


4 thoughts on “Poll: Blogging Platforms

  1. Anderson, I think that is exactly why WordPress is doing so well. I with they had some of the features of Posterous as far as social sharing or curation syndication. It would be even more impressive to use so you post from one place!

  2. I am really on the fence now about this. Ultimately I believe it depends on the purpose of your blog and the demographic of your readers. I am currently utilizing all blog platforms and each platform is perfect for the use that I’ve selected for them. I have a personal blog & mixed use, curated and original content blog that I use the Tumblr platform. I also have 2 that I use WordPress.com for and 1 other that I need a full Content Management System with Paypal Integration so I went with WordPress.org. So I guess it really depends on your blogs purpose which platform you select to go with.

  3. Anise, it does matter on the content and audience. I get certain results from using Tumblr than using WordPress.com or hosted WordPress. For a while I used Posterous and just posted everything to other places, including here. That works when needed but I have started changing the scope of all these blog spaces and looking more at audience. So far, WordPress.com isn’t that great of a space to share and let people discover like Tumblr. There is a bit more involved if you want people to read and comment here, same with the hosted version. I’ll be working on blogs for a while!

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