#Give2Max Day: Social Good For Autism

Today is a huge day involving social media for social good. The Washington DC Metro Area is fundraising for their favorite nonprofit organizations to raise a total of $3mil in one day! The initiative started by Razoo is a smart use of social fundraising offering tools to individuals to support charity organizations. What’s different about Give to The Max Day? We had to hold off our donators to specifically give on one day…TODAY!

I have chosen to work with CSAAC Foundation, a nonprofit focused on programs for autism and helping families manage life. There is so much to learn about autism when you are not the one living with it. After a visit to the headquarters and seeing the staff teaching music, art, hanging photography from the adults in the photography program: I was convinced I could offer my time and skills to support basic needs of local friends.

Your call to action: Donate today and be part of not just helping CSAAC and Autism, but also part of the biggest day of social media giving!


Donate NowGet Social with CSAAC on

Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/CSAACFoundation

Twitter | @TweetAutism


Thank you, in advance, for your support. Ask any questions or tell your story about autism or someone you know with autism in the COMMENTS below.


25 thoughts on “#Give2Max Day: Social Good For Autism

    • @JRuthKelly #Give2Max Thank you! I met with the Executive Director, Ayda Sanver, tweetautism , and learned more about the foundation. There is so much more to autism and I liked the programs they offered, especially the photography!

    • @arowarow #give2max Thanks for asking! CSAAC is focused on autism programs helping families communicate and live life as close to healthy and normal as possible. One of my favorite programs they have is photography! Its theraputic and offers the adults in the program a way to communicate visually. After visitng their Maryland office and seeing the facilities and staff, I was convinced it was worth a lot more than I have to give in the form of money.

      CSAAC serves over 400 families in the Maryland region that includes residential care! That amazed me in and of itself! I decided to raise funds for them to help with these programs providing meals, toys, gas for transportation, supplies for the art or music programs. The best way to hear the story is talking with the Executive Director, Ayda Sanver. She has been the inspiration for me to get involved and also has her own story to tell about autism and families. You can find her on Twitter as @TweetAutism.

    • Hello Arow! You can go to http://www.csaac.org to learn more or I’ll be happy to answer any questions for you! We support nearly 400 families impacted with autism in the MD/DC/VA area with services ranging from Early Intervention for toddlers to Adult residential… Thanks for your interest! Ayda Sanver, Executive Director, CSAAC Foundation.

    • @lindyireland #Give2Max You surprised me with your participation and I am so very grateful and appreciative! Social good is more fun when people get involved and keep it social. Many thanks for having you participate and I look forward to building on this start!

    • @nakeva Better than good, Nakeva ๐Ÿ™‚ I LOVE reading your content so sharing them comes naturally ๐Ÿ™‚ How are you?

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