Writing With Fire

Writing. Thinking. Analyzing. We do it all day in some form to express our experiences or share thoughts on news. I have come across several articles in the last few weeks discussing ways to write better blog posts, how to write for social media, or ways to draw in more readers for a blog you already own. I have several blogs and use them for different audience types. These spaces were created mostly to test platforms and find the limitations or features I like to use. How can I write with fire if I am covering different interests in different places? I just use what works for me.

The plus side of using this WordPress.com platform is the site is reliable and has nice selections for themes. I like the way the photos are displayed with the right theme and the constant updates to make the platform feature rich. Of course, hosting your own WordPress blog plus the cost of the domain name can be more rewarding and flexible. However, that comes at a price of maintaining updates, plugins, fighting off malware, maintaining themes and blogging. How much time is left to write with fire?

Make it work for you. Start here at WordPress. Figure out the ins and outs of blogging. I have a handful of posts and experiment often. The main reason for this post is to kick my writer’s block in the head and get going again. I have the fire, just need to let it rip and burn like a verbal assassin.

What inspires you to write at any given point in a day?


What are your thoughts?

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