#BlueKey on orange

#BlueKey on orange by Nakeva
#BlueKey on orange, a photo by Nakeva on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “#BlueKey on orange

  1. There IS a story, thanks for asking. #BlueKey is a campaign by the UNHCR for USA that helps supporters of refugees get something visual in return for donations. Refugees are often displaced from their homes, entire families and need to rebuild their life. Food, shelter, jobs, schools etc. I worked on the campaign to offer the #BlueKey you see for $5 and also donations over that amount to help UNHCR programs that offer assistance to these refugees.

    As it turns out, I found out I have a few friends here in America, right in my own circles that were once refugees and made a complete change with their family and life! Wow, I was floored. So it meant more to me to be part of this campaign. This photo is a mobile image I took to show my support and how I use my #BlueKey during a Twitter “tweetathon.” I like necklaces and interesting pendants. I happen to prefer the choker chains than the girly dangling necklaces (I’m a girl, but not the princess type). Wearing the #BlueKey on my choker chain is a way that reminds me of refugees, the fact my mother came to this country and made her way (although not a refugee), and its just heavy enough that when I move about in my day, I am reminded that I’m doing something for someone other than myself and not afraid to display it without pushy activist attitude.

    Hope that covers it and not too windy for you 😉

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