Difference Between Moms and Dads On Outings

Kids are cute and usually fun. They have their own personalities. While out at a restaurant I observed the cutest little girl with her father. Dad was ready to go and had a stern look on his face, focused. A few moments later the mother appeared, took one look at the father and knew it was time to go. Now, the little girl had an agenda that came to light in that moment.

Child: “Daddy, can we have ice cream?”

Father: “No.” Hands her a jacket and feeds her arms through the sleeves.

Child: “Mommy, can we have ice cream?”

Mother: “In a minute honey.” While walking out the door leading the child in front of her.

Child: Blank stare at the car then the menu item for ice cream. Look sat father with a frown.

The difference between moms and dads: Moms know when to make their agenda part of the process and change minds. Dads have a one track mind and its just the way it is, even when the kids are cute.


What are your thoughts?

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