Photo Recap of 2011 March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction DC #ModChefsAuction

Babies that arrive too soon can be a real scare for many parents. In fact, 13 million babies are born premature every year and cost us $26.2 billion dollars (2005), a cost rising annually. March of Dimes is involved in research and programs to assist the families and be a resource towards a global solution. I knew of March of Dimes but became more aquainted with what the organization was about through social media site, Twitter. A few years ago, an online friend of my partner lost her daughter to premature birth. I watched the hearts of family, friends and online friends begin to reach out with sympathy, love, money and time. The time they gave was the fundraiser walking event, March for Maddie. As always, before I get involved with any charitable ties, I research. It turned out that march was part of March of Dimes. That hits home, even it wasn’t me or my family personally going through the financial and emotional strain of wishing and hoping for a baby to breath life another day.

This year, as part of the social media table for the Washington DC March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction, I decided this was a way to share with others how community gets creative to raise funds and support for a nonprofit. Food, chefs, media, marketing and donors all in the same room to enjoy a taste of delicious dishes, wines and desserts. Yes, it was a site to see with all the people discussing the facts of premature birth, family scenarios of how March of Dimes made it possible to live through the worry for their sister, brother or child. The best part of the evening was seeing the 2011 National Ambassador, Lauren and her mother, take the stage and share with the audience how thankful, grateful and honored they were for the help of March of Dimes events like Signature Chefs Auction. The money raised is part of helping make programs possible when you think of the average $51,000 cost to care for a premie baby. Wow!

Photos form the event to show the food and fun with people that gave their time and money to be part of a tremendous cause. Make no mistake, the social media table kept the spirit of social good sharing thoughts, photos and blog posts in an effort to keep the internet aware of the March of Dimes mission. Thanks to Lisa Byrne for her efforts this year to bring together a diverse team of social media enthusiasts in support of March of Dimes. Thank you to the DC/MD chapter of March of Dimes for putting together a fabulous event to capture your supporters and selfless donors.

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16 thoughts on “Photo Recap of 2011 March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction DC #ModChefsAuction

  1. @CommercialScott Big money! Thanks for the Mod Chef post RT. Did you check out the Social Media Photography set? Happy #EpicThanks to you!

  2. @sbhsbh You are awesome Steve! A big #EpicThanks to you for the post RT and for getting your #BlueKey a while back. I’m grateful for you 🙂

  3. When I was young one of my dreams is to be a chef someday.. Your blog is very interesting.. Thanks for sharing your photo, it is all great!

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