Serious idea. That would get viewer/user attention!

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Simple way to make EVERYONE aware of SOPA.

What if YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google+ and all of the other websites that would be crippled under SOPA and/or PIPA shut down for 24 hours and replaced their root page with a joint, simple message explaining that if these bills pass this is what people can expect. The end of law-abiding citizens' favorite free internet services.

The sites would check the IP of the visitor and put up the contact information for their regional congressmen and senators.

That would be the top story around the world. Non technical people would understand and freak out.

The sites could announce it 2 weeks ahead of time and probably wouldn't even have to follow through. Congress will probably back down.

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8 thoughts on “Serious idea. That would get viewer/user attention!

  1. And that's it. Most people need a slap in the face as they really don't understand what it would do to their online activities. I have a friend who didn't get it until I sent him an infograph of what it would do.

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