Rock These 3 LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn® is the sleeper business network that most people fly by and just update the online resume sections. Marketing Pros, Public Relations professionals and Social Media businesses know what to do with it. The new updates to site design and features has made it more usable for those not as savvy on why LinkedIn is an important piece of overall social media. When you have Facebook and Twitter, why use LinkedIn anyway? I learned a few interesting tips from the Women Grow Business Twitter chat as explained by my peers and guest speaker Allen Mireles.


Rock That LinkedIn Profile

As a lifestyle photographer with social media edge, my first recommendation is to have a stunning photo and fill out the information about YOU! Words are great, they express ideas and share your message. Here’s the thing: if I have not met you in person I would hope the image of you matches who you are today and would help me find you in a crowd at a networking event. In the online world a clear picture of the person with whom you may do business IS your first impression. Once someone visits your profile, sees your face then they can move on to read more about what you offer in products, services and accomplishments.

Key things to use on your LinekdIn profile:

    • Photo – Add a recent image of yourself that is professional and doesn’t have a busy background from last week’s party
    • Summary – Add some spunk to your summary section, open up about what you offer and use keywords for your industry
    • Skills – Add skills in the skills section, its like using tags. This is also a way to find others with the same skills in your industry

Side tip: Recommendations

If you are not part of the “me” economy, this is simple: Give recommendations and you will receive recommendations. You can send out requests for recommendations and I have seen this have more impact if you do this with connections after an event or meeting or once you have completed a project with a client.


Work Those LinkedIn Groups

Groups on LinkedIn can be private or public. If the group is public then your activity will be seen by your network and those in the group. Adding your thoughtful advice or asking questions can promote your profile without any more effort than it takes to type it out. Not only are you adding to the conversation, you are also creating opportunity to meet other people and make new contacts. I have found plenty of groups where links to websites and blogs are posted throughout the day and this adds clutter when conversation is not focus. If you share a link, be relevant and use it to ask questions.


Manage Your LinkedIn Company Page

The LinkedIn company page can be a tool to share your blog posts, products and services offered with photos and communicate with the followers. People can follow your company page and receive updates! Share the latest news manually or add your blog feed for visitors to see what your business has been doing. This is a tip I will be working on in the coming months.


We only have so much time in a day to manage our social media presence posting status updates, sharing photos/videos, sharing links, participating in chats and discussion. There is no argument with time. I would suggest making your daily routine include LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter plus your blog. If its a daily routine to check these sites and add your valuable insight, it will not become time consuming with a plan!


How do you use LinekdIn and do you have any special tips to offer?



8 thoughts on “Rock These 3 LinkedIn Tips

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  2. My pleasure! Twitter chats go fast but I stick to my focus. Allen was great with her feedback and tips. I’m ready for the next one on Monday.

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