Are You in Google+ Social Search Results?

Personally, I don't mind being in social search results. If I make a post public, I expect Google to do what it does best, count it! If I see results with friends or conenctions I am more likely to read that content vs the other results, regardless if those results are top content.

As a photographer, seeing images show up in photo search is an excellent experience! I have already found some of my images being used that had no attribution or have been added to some sites based on the creative commons settings on Flickr. That almost got me fired up to yell at someone, however, I thought of the possibilities of what that could mean if I make the right choices in sharing images on Google+ and Flickr.

do you care that you show up in social search results if the content you shared is set to "public?"

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Want to hide Google+ social search results? Here’s how.
Google has been dealing with quite the backlash since launching its brand new social search features. We've seen the uncharacteristically vocal Twitter getting in on the criticism, …

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8 thoughts on “Are You in Google+ Social Search Results?

  1. +Toby Harriman I completely agree with that thought. If its really not a photo or content I want to share with the world, it either doesn't go online or it will be a good old fashion email. Even when we share posts to limited people on Google+ or Facebook, at some point there will be a glitch and you never know what that would mean if "private" was temporarily switched off.

  2. I tend to have that same reaction as you Nakeva…and yes I think it could be cool to find a restaurant based on what a friends has said about it…but truly, how probable is that? Restaurant reviews may me something we take a peak at when we are on vacation but then again…I’m always too hungry to search too long…LOL… I think it will be a while before we truly pay much attention to social searches but then again, this is so new…I might change my mind in a few weeks…Let’s see how it unfolds and the reaction people will have on it 😉

    • @Nathalie Villeneuve I think it will take some time for us to see and use the real value behind social search. I can say when I search on my Android I don’t have a lot of time to review. If I see the results with friends info next to it, I pay attention. Ultimately, I will decide on a place or product based on my own ideas, but when I get stuck, having that information without making 5 phone calls or sending 10 text messages is key.

      If you think about it, come back in a few weeks and let me know what you think after having some time to work with the new social search.

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