Social Media Birthday Thanks

A birthday is an important date, its the start of your life. The first breath of air with no worries, fears, doubts, plans or expectations. You depend on others to show you the smiles, learn your independence, live with your unique personality and hopefully grow into a life of love and accomplishments. Its safe to say I’m living and learning 37 years to date, thanks to family, friends, community and one great partner!

Thank you to my social media friends for the love on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you to my moms, dads and siblings for the phone calls, email, text messages and the singing! Thank you to the friends and neighbors that showed up for surprise dinner to celebrate on my birthday. Most notable to my heart, Thank you to my fabulous girl for creating a true surprise birthday lunch with some of my closest friends offline and online! Truly surprised!

On this day in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, I look at the diversity of my friends, the abundance of knowledge, talent and drive in the people in my life. Living that dream that Dr. King spoke of is more than a blessing! I am grateful and honored to be surrounded by people with that special shine in their heart and take time to give back.

A few photos from lunch at Carmines in DC, the food!

The fun at lunch was seeing every person with a device in hand taking photos, checking in on Foursquare or Facebook all while smiling, hugging, laughing and having great conversation. They all waited to check-in on Foursquare so it wouldn’t ruin the surprise! Catching up with everyone let me know this year has some promising things in the works, the power crew!

Do you incorporate social media in your birthday celebration?




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