The Woz Has A Point on Android vs iPhone

The interview is not complete in this Gizmodo post, but some of the things I like about Android is because I AM tech savvy. The iPhone is a piece of art and I would have one if it were not exclusive to the a carrier when I made my last phone purchase. Android was the next best thing to come off the Blackberry and not be afraid of the touch screen.

Siri? Well, I haven’t used it but love the humor in the commercials or posts shared by others. I need my phone for productivity, photography and social media. Granted, seems the iPhone is a beast with mobile photography being taken serious, but I will stand by my droid as long as I have it hand. Now that Sprint carries the iPhone, its a better possibility I will eventually get one.

Oh, and music! The iTunes vs Google Music. Well, now at least I have a choice on either side 😉

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Steve Wozniak On iPhone vs Android
Woz never fails to impress me. If the man has opinions, he doesn’t mind sharing them, whatever the consequences. I just didn’t expect him to openly admit to preferring many Android features over those…

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7 thoughts on “The Woz Has A Point on Android vs iPhone

  1. @mqtodd He does. I don’t have iPhone but my Android could benefit from a walled garden if it was the Apple “Garden of Easy”

  2. Some good points, but where iPhone is winning (or Apple for that matter) is the integration between phones, computers and the cloud. The more integrated these devices are the more likely people will stay with Apple.

    • @Sonya76 Google has given Apple a run for the money by having Google Music (iTunes/iCloud), Google Apps Market (itunes market), Android phones (iPhone) and Google+ to network and share all those things with privacy controls. So, I think it pretty integrated, however, Apple has one product to focus on; Google has many.

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