Lost and Found Photos of First Super Bowl

Great images found from the first Super Bowl! Photographers working the sports scene with heavy gear. I wasn’t even around in 1967 but its a nice vintage feeling when viewing the work. I like the image of George Birch flat on the ground, something I would do.

I wonder how social photography would have been used in 1967?

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Photographers cover first Super Bowl – Framework – Photos and Video – Visual Storytelling from the Los Angeles Times
The Chiefs’ Curtis McClinton – surrounded by photographers – catches touchdown pass in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum during the first Super Bowl.

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2 thoughts on “Lost and Found Photos of First Super Bowl

  1. Excellent article ! I love watching the old games and watching the photogs on the sidelines. Amazing what they had to go through to cover the game. Back during the early Superbowls, the NFL (which was new) probably begged reporters and photogs to come and cover the game. boy how times have changed for everyone !

    If you’re a geek like me, watch some of the old auto racing footage from say Le Mans or Indy pre 1970. As much as I would’ve loved to be one of those photogs, not sure I would risk my life for a shot!

    • @PhotosbyHank photosbyhank The work of photographers back in 1967 was serious photography…film! Plus getting used to the sport of football as a national televised event meant learning to shoot speed for documentary style. I am a geek, LOL! I’ll have to watch ESPN classic and catch some of the older sports broadcasts.

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